PMP is "a new approach to pre-production"

Bobby Marko (DoP), David Wilkinson (Director), and Marisa Mylnarek (1st AD) talk about their experiences with PMP during pre-production of their award winning independent short film "Fruitcake".

Scheduling Solo: your scheduling tool

The Production Minds Platform is now also available as a purpose-built scheduling tool with all scheduling related features and functions you have grown to like as parts of the PMP creative collaboration suite. Find out more!

Your Pre-Production In Control With PMP

Never-ending email-threads? Chaotic communication? Forget all that and see how easy and fun creative collaboration can be.

With PMP you can store all your pre-production data in a secure central place and work together with your crew online.

“It's really great to see feedback actually being listened to and even implemented in such a short timespan.”
Production Manager, Zurich

Get Organized

Still using Excel to manage multi-million dollar productions? The daily flood of email driving you nuts?
Use PMP to keep all your production info in one place, access from anywhere and share effortlessly with your crew.

Unleash Creativity

Need a quick opinion from your director? Review a storyboard change?
See real-time updates by your coworkers and discuss every detail through our sleek and sexy platform. No more waiting for important decisions!

Secure Your Project

Ever misplaced a pendrive? Losing valuable information, or leaking sensitive project files can get you in trouble. With PMP, your data is always backed up in the cloud, where access control is a breeze!

“Thank you very much! The updates you made for us are really incredible.”
Production Manager, São Paulo

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Announcement: PMP acquired by Prime Focus Technologies
One year ago

Prime Focus Technologies Ltd. — subsidiary of Prime Focus, a large Indian media service provider — has acquired our main asset, the Producti...

PMP changes, fixes, and new features for August, 2016
PMP changes, fixes, and new features for August, 2016
One year ago

We spent August introducing 3 new features and 7 updates to PMP. We also fixed 6 problems and usability issues reported...

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