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Drylab founder says “You need to be well prepared to do a good improvisation”

There's so much more to Norway than salmon, auroras, and the fjords! Listen to an acclaimed Oslo-based cinematographer of over 40 productions — both TV and theatrical — who has some real wisdom to share. In setting up a new technology partnership with Drylab R&D, we had a chance to sit down with founder John Christian Rosenlund and ask him a few questions about their story.

“Every member of the crew has questions” – Bill Latka, Year by the Sea

Crowdfunding is all the rage these days, and if you’re looking around on sites such as Kickstarter or IndieGogo, you might find a few real treasures. This applies to a film titled Year by the Sea that brings an iconic story to life. We sat down with producer Bill Latka to talk about his experiences with a director who’s yet directing his debut piece as well as digital technologies in filmmaking. Enjoy!

„Episodic content is more important than ever” — says Production Minds CTO

Is this the end of cinema as we know it? Are tech tools helping us to be more creative? Questions like these were the hot topic in Studio Babelsberg at the 2014 edition of Changing The Picture, a conference where filmmakers and technologists meet to innovate the showbiz. I took some time to visit our dev team’s lair, and I sat down with our CTO, Gábor Kertai, who was one of about a dozen people invited to discuss what the future holds for us filmmakers.

“I’ve been working paper-free for the last 2 years” – an interview with the brain behind Shot Lister

As you might have read on the Production Minds website or Facebook page, in September we have integrated Shot Lister into PMP to provide an even wider spectrum of pre-production functionality to our filmmaking community. After overcoming our initial excitement, we decided to have a chat with the man behind the app. Please enjoy our interview with Reel Apps’ Zach Lipovsky who is a true swiss army knife when it comes to filmmaking.