PMP changes, fixes, and new features for July, 2016

July brings 6 updates to PMP. We also fixed 3 problems and usability issues reported by some of our customers. These smart filmmakers have been sending us wonderful feedback and ideas again. Thank you all!

Do you have an idea for a feature, or a suggestion to make PMP an even better way to produce? We'd love to implement it! Please share your thoughts in our discussion forums.

Updates and additions

New “account manager” permission for productions

We added a new permission setting to let you grant other crew members the right to administer paid PMP subscriptions. Previously this setting was only available at the company level, now you can assign it to any crew member.

Show total running time on the dashboard

The calculated “total running time” of the production was previously displayed in the production settings panel only. We are now featuring it on the Dashboard and at the bottom of the Scene List.

Show total running time on the dashboard Show total running time on the dashboard

Credits for the idea and feedback go to: Jeffrey R.!

Better recognition of time-of-day and int/ext values for Polish screenplays

The screenplay importer was updated to more reliably recognize specfic times of day (dawn, morning, dusk, evening, etc.) in Polish language screenplays during ingest.

Show proper scene list after ingesting episode screenplay

After importing an episode's worth of screenplay, the final “clean up options” panel allows you to open the Scene List. This list is now automatically filtered for the episode that you just imported, so as to make it easier to review episode changes.

Web links are easier to edit

Editing web links (URLs) on contact profiles was previously only possible by opening the hamburger menu, and choosing Edit.

This was not consistent with the easy, one-click editing for other field types, so we now added a …✍ icon to make URLs easier to modify.

More consistent click behaviour in month-view calendar

The Production Calendar module responded differently to clicking cells in week-view and month-view.

This has been consolidated, and clicking a cell now always shows the same menu for adding a new event or switching to another view.

Bug-fixes and improvements

Email reports from PMP were not always delivered to some domains

Certain “well known” recipient domains rejected emails sent via PMP's reporting function. We have traced this back to a mail server configuration problem, and applied a fix.

We appreciate our users' efforts to help us resolve this. Thank you Milenda A., Netflix!

Missing elements in breakdown spreadsheet report

Due to a recent regression the Breakdown Elements & Scenes (XLS) report was only showing the very first element for each scene in the scene list. This has been fixed.

We appreciate our users' efforts to help us resolve this. Thank you Fred G.!

Confusing confirmation prompt when deleting list item

When deleting a single item of a list — such as an email from the list of Additional Emails of a contact profile — PMP asked an oddly phrased question implying that more than one item may be deleted. We have clarified the wording of this prompt to avoid any confusion.

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