PMP changes, fixes, and new features for August, 2016

We spent August introducing 3 new features and 7 updates to PMP. We also fixed 6 problems and usability issues reported by some users. Our strong community of PMP users help us create a better production experience for everyone. We are thankful for that!

Do you have an idea for a feature, or a suggestion to make PMP an even better way to produce? We'd love to implement it! Please share your thoughts in our discussion forums.

New features

“Single day” zoom-in mode for shooting schedules

Focus on a single day's worth of tasks when getting close to your shooting date.

Use the zoom slider on the Shooting Schedule screen to zoom all the way in to a single shooting day and refine timings, requirements, etc.

This is also very helpful in making the interface less cluttered and more responsive when your schedule has 50+ shooting days.

“Single day” zoom-in mode for shooting schedules

Credits for the idea and feedback go to: Márta B.!

Auto-reset scene order for shooting days

After adding your scenes to several shooting days, you may be in a situation where the scenes within a day are in a fairly random order. For projects that shoot mostly in sequence you can now easily reset the order of scenes to their original screenplay order.

Select one or more shooting days by the tick-marks in their top-left corner, then choose Auto-sort scenes from the Change details… menu at the bottom of the screen.

Auto-reset scene order for shooting days

We thank our users for this idea, namely: Fred G.!

Postpone multiple calendar events

In case your project gets delayed or reprioritized, it is now very easy to push/pull all calendar events (recces, auditions, meetings, milestones, etc.) several days or weeks forward or backward.

Here's how:

  • Go to the Calendar module
  • Click Agenda to bring up the list of events
  • Adjust the filters to make sure that all required events are visible
  • Select the events that you want to push (remember: you can SHIFT+click to select ranges)
  • Click the Push selected events button
  • Set how much you want to postpone (or prepone) the events by

The start date of each event will be adjusted accordingly. You can move events both ways: “push” them into the future, or “pull” them into the past.

Postpone multiple calendar events

Another great addition based on feedback from: Jonathan Z.!

Updates and additions

Filter casting options by assignment or approval status

In the Cast Assignment module you can now filter your character / extras requirements by their status in the review-approval process:

  • show only roles that already have a recommended actor
  • show only roles that you need to get casting options for
  • show only roles that have an approved actor
  • show only roles that you need to approve an actor from your existing options

This shall give you a better understanding of what roles are yet to be cast, and who have already been selected.

Filter casting options by assignment or approval status

Credits for the idea and feedback go to: Fred G.!

Multiple selection in production assets listings

You can now select multiple documents in all lists from the Production Assets menu (e.g. Scene List, Cast List, Location List). When multiple documents are selected, you can easily delete them, or update their details in batch.

Better recognition of “montage” scene headings

Sluglines that have a description of a montage are automatically matched to the correct script location during screenplay import.

This change only applies to the English screenplay parser, other languages will be updated soon.

Better recognition of “montage” scene headings

Better time-of-day recognition for Spanish and French screenplays

We updated the slugline parser to recognize more detailed time-of-day values, like morning, dawn, noon, dusk, etc. when importing Spanish and French language screenplays.

Create new events from agenda view

The agenda list — available from both the Production Calendar module and the Production Assets menu — received an ✚ Add new… button to make it quicker to add calendar events.

Search in the “Location Grouping” panel

The Location Grouping panel allows you to categorize similar script locations (set names) into set-groups.

When you had many set-groups, it was not always convenient to navigate to a specific location or set name. We have added a search field to make this easier.

We thank our users for this idea, namely: Eszter!

Agenda filters are easier to understand

The agenda list in the Production Calendar module has various filters to help you focus on what's ahead:

  • you can filter for future vs. past events;
  • you can filter by event category (e.g. casting related only);
  • you can filter for the near future/past to avoid clutter;
  • you may want to see outlines & milestones only, or all daily events.

Most of these settings are tucked away in a Filters menu, so until now it was not very obvious why certain events did not show up in the list.

We have added explanatory notices and buttons that help you quickly reset the filters to reveal more events.

Agenda filters are easier to understand Agenda filters are easier to understand

Another great addition based on feedback from: Jonathan Z., Réka K.!

Bug-fixes and improvements

Better recognition of scene numbers in sluglines

Certain scene headings where scene numbers were prefixed with language equivalents of the word “scene” — or abbreviations thereof — were not recorded to the scene number field during ingest, but were left in the script location name. This has been fixed.

Font sizes were not always adjusted in call sheet PDF

Due to a recent regression, when a table (e.g. cast call times) in the daily call sheet PDF export contained too much text, the auto-font-shrinking mechanism did not always kick in, resulting in parts of the text overflowing the page margin. This has been fixed.

Unnecessary “Restore” button in document change history

When looking at the change history (a.k.a. audit log) for a document in PMP, a “Restore” button appeared even for users who did not have the permission to restore the value, and clicking the button resulted in an “access denied” error. The button no longer shows up for these users.

Unlinking a scene from a shooting day could unlink other scenes too

If you used the delete icon on a scene detail panel to unlink it from a shooting day, other scenes from the same shooting day were also unlinked. This now behaves as expected.

Unexpected scrolling during screenplay revision import

When reviewing the changes from a newly imported screenplay rewrite, the list of scenes could scroll to unexpected positions after clicking the “No, fix it” button. This was fixed, and the review screen now behaves as expected.

We appreciate our users' efforts to help us resolve this. Thank you Eszter!

Participants were not always listed in event invitation emails

When you invite a fellow crew member to a meeting or other production event, they receive an email with details of the event and an ICS (iCalendar) file to add to their own calendar. This email did not always include a list of participants for the event, even though the attached ICS file did.

This was fixed, and now both the email and the ICS have the list of participants.

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