PMP’s Scheduling now also available as a single-user tool

Earlier this year we have rolled out the long-awaited Scheduling module for the Production Minds Platform. Interest skyrocketed ever since as many film professionals were in need of a comprehensive online pre-production management tool that includes schedules as well. So far only production crews could benefit from this but now we have a new upgrade for you if you like flying solo. Read on!

Before today the Production Minds Platform was available as a creative collaboration suite for crews from 4 to 40 (and even more, yes, we are that flexible). But we were thinking of those who are not looking for an online collaboration solution but a purpose-built Scheduling tool they can use even without a crew. With the release of our latest offering - our brand new package we call 'Scheduling Solo' - is now available if you're only in need of some cutting edge Scheduling goodness.

The 'Scheduling Solo' offering includes all scheduling related features for a single user. For an affordable 14.95 USD a month, this will get you PMP’s script breakdown feature complete with our locations & stages as well as the talent and equipment management modules (the locations and casting module doubles as your searchable online archive), not to mention spreadsheet exports as well as the Scheduling & Calendar features (the latter of which syncs to your smartphone or tablet as well so you are always up to date, no matter where you are).

Scheduling Solo

Of course Solo users are not barred from the other pre-production features of PMP such as production design, shot lists and storyboards and the rest, but as our Scheduling Solo package is based on the needs of film professionals, we decided not to include these in our initial offering. All of them – and more – are available as separate purchases to accompany your solo subscription.

We hope our latest offering sparks your interest and we will be able to welcome you to the Production Minds Community anytime soon. Still unsure? Don’t hesitate and sign up for a free PMP account today and take our pre-production system for a test-drive. Should you have any further questions about the platform or if you require a free online demo, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.