We at Production Minds have our background in IT, we live in the cloud and we have seen the inner workings of film production.

Such a complex process, with several potential bottlenecks, that got us thinking and got us asking the question: is there any way this could be done more efficiently? Could people spend less time on project management, saving them more time for the creative work they love?

This idea paved the way to our cloud-based creative collaboration platform, PMP. It is also what helped us realize our goal: to create the tools that make film/video pre-production a streamlined process, one without stress and chaos.

We understand that your time is valuable. We understand you do not want to spend weeks or even days setting up servers and networks. We understand your need to get up and running fast and we are working tirelessly to provide an easy-to-use tool for this purpose. You will not need to master cryptic IT-jargon and you will not need to spend a single minute installing software. This is what PMP stands for: efficiency, increased productivity and a stress-free work environment for the entire crew and production office.