Michael K. Simon —
Michael K. Simon

Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of LogMeIn Inc. since establishment. He has grown the company to a leading provider of essential cloud services used daily by millions of people across the globe. Prior to LogMeIn, Michael founded Uproar Inc. in March 2001. He serves on the board of HubSpot, as well as the Graduate Studies Advisory Council at Notre Dame.

Márton Anka —
Márton Anka

Born in Budapest and living in the USA, Mr. Anka successfully overcame the difficulties of the DotCom-bubble, to establish and launch LogMeIn Inc. where he serves as Chief Technology Officer. Before that, he was the founder and Managing Director of 3am Labs BT, the developer of RemotelyAnywhere. He graduated in Informatics from the Szamalk Institute in Hungary.

Rikard Jonsson —
Rikard Jonsson

Global Operational and Management Executive with three decades of experience working for ABB Hungary (MD), ABB Mexico (CFO) and ABB Malaysia (CFO). Presently Partner in Accrelium AB, a Private Equity Firm which has a diverse portfolio of investments in energy, real estate and technology companies in Asia, Latin America and Europe.