PMP takes care of your pre-production

The Production Minds Platform (PMP) is a creative collaboration and pre-production management system that gives TV & film industry professionals a cutting-edge tool to take care of every task from script to 'Action!'

Crew & Access Control

If information is power, controlling its accessibility is godlike. Create filtered reports for your crew, let them review and comment, and grant them access to or keep them away from other features.

Reviews, Approvals

Are you talking to me? Talk to everybody. Add comments about the script, make decisions and approvals about anything from casting through shot lists to schedule.

Script Breakdown

Stay away from mental breakdown on your way to shooting. Be organized with your casting and location info, generate automated reports, and construct your shot lists with only a few clicks.

Casting & Locations

A place for everything and everything in its place. Manage all talent and locations for more efficient scheduling, quickly create brochures, and be sure that you can find them all later.

Shot List, Previz,

Think of any video or picture format, upload them and start a creative discussion. When all the pieces fall into place, create booklets and proceed to shoot.

Searchable Archives

Are you ready to find out what the Archive is? Depending on your level of access to different productions, you can find anybody and anything you have ever worked with.

Scheduling, Calendar

Did you always want a system that automatically creates call sheets and PDFs from your schedule? Hey, O’Neill, take a break, your quest is finally over.

Automated Reports

Don’t get your virtual hands dirty with copy-pasting. We are handing you a customizable automated booklet & report creation tool. It's magic!