Managing screenplay revisions

This video explains:
• how to upload a revised screenplay to your project;
• how to make sure that new scenes are matched to the previous revision;
• how to review and match breakdown elements;
• how to undo a revision import and return to an earlier screenplay version.

Tagging Cast Members

If your project has many cast members, categorize them by “tags” to make it easier to find them when running reports, or working in the Cast Requirements, Cast List, or Cast Assignment modules. For example you can mark primary cast, group by locations and skill sets (such as dancers), tag minors, episodic roles, group interviewees by topic relevance, etc.

“Smart days” — set up a shooting schedule in 5 minutes

Learn how you can quickly create a stripboard straight from a screenplay with minimal effort. It can help you get an estimate of how many days you'd have; check out a new cast or location scenario; or set up a sensible initial arrangement for your shooting days, which you can tweak later.

Scheduling Call-Times

PMP can intelligently keep track of pick-up and on-set times, and everything in-between, like make-up, wardrobe, rehearsals, etc. See how to add them to your call sheets with no effort!

Scheduling Tips & Tricks

Some advanced scheduling topics, including: setting one-liners, moving multiple scenes, reorganizing days, marking required cast & crew, and some more.

Scheduling Basics

Learn how to create schedules from your existing screenplay and breakdown, create reports and daily call sheets.

Assigning Breakdown Elements

This chapter explains in detail how to create, maintain and clean up your breakdown; including element linking and marking elements that need to get damaged in certain scenes.